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Based in central Shanghai, Caparo China Ltd. is the Group's central hub for business in Greater China and the surrounding countries. It offers a number of services to the Caparo customers in the region helping them to secure products from the Caparo subsidiaries quickly and easily. It also assists the Caparo Group companies in identifying and developing new opportunities in this part of the world.

Within its coordination role, Caparo China constantly investigates the market for new local supply and purchase opportunities, assists with the smooth execution of existing sales and purchases, and facilitates communications with Caparo’s business partners in the region.

In addition, the business provides Caparo with access to the fastest growing economy of the world, and potentially, one of the biggest markets for the Group in the long run. Local knowledge, cost saving prospects, market trends identification and practical everyday support are only a small part of the many different aspects of the services, delivered daily by Caparo China Ltd.

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Company Focus - CMT Engineering

Company Focus - CMT Engineering

CMT Engineering was acquired by Caparo in 1981. It is a grouping of 4 businesses specialising in pipe fittings, insulation components, anti vibration and shock mountings and specialist clamps. For more information please visit www.cmt-engineering.co.uk.

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