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Whilst Established and Sons, Studio Caparo and the Caparo Innovation Centre, are by design, innovative companies, innovation and technological advances are prevalent throughout the group.

This section of the Caparo website will showcase the best of the group's innovative products, services and ideas. For more information on any of the information detailed on this page please contact us via the online enquiry form.

New Product Development Assistance

New Product Development Assistance

The Caparo Innovation Centre offers a comprehensive range of services for businesses involved in new product introduction. Our services are focussed around the most common problems encountered by businesses when navigating the early stages of the new product introduction process, namely:

• Is there a market for the product and what are the characteristics of this marketplace?
• What commercialisation strategy is appropriate?
• Is the proposed product technically viable?
• Is the current design and material selection the most practical and cost effective?
• Can the intellectual property behind the product be protected and what is the most appropriate IP strategy?
The emphasis of our services is on practicality and real-time applicability.

For more information please contact Andrew Pollard on Tel: 01902 824182 Email: cic@wlv.ac.uk

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