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Offering design, rapid prototyping and sample development, as well as series production and line side delivery, the Caparo Vehicle Product group combines its portfolio of products and services to provide full vertical integration to its customers.

The majority of the companies in this division are manufacturing orientated, with the exception of the consultancy services offered by Caparo Vehicle Technologies (CVT). CVT is an advanced automotive technology and engineering design company, focused on providing technology development, materials engineering and design services to the mainstream automotive, motorsport and aerospace markets.

In addition to their skills in vehicle design and engineering the company has particular expertise in materials technology. The company has gained the services of Ben Scott-Geddes and Graham Halstead who were responsible for the Mercedes SLR McLaren sports car. This unique capability and understanding of materials performance, including how materials as dissimilar as aluminium, advanced composites, engineering plastics and high strength steel can be joined - and which is the best material for a particular part of the car - is important to manufacturers needing to reduce the weight of vehicles to make them more fuel efficient without compromising active and passive safety.

For more information on the companies within the Vehicle Products group please visit the companies section of the website.

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