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The Caparo Today section of the website aims to bring you stories about Caparo, whether they be about our history, a focus on a new division, or a new product application.

The articles featured in this section will change regularly to provide a background to the Caparo Group.

Rather than just bringing you our headline news stories, our aim is to provide stories that help explain the spirit of Caparo which is much more than a successful business enterprise, but a story of people, values and human effort.

A message from Angad Paul

A message from our CEO

Despite challenging times for the global economy recently, Caparo has emerged a stronger and more resilient business. Financial stability, greater agility and deeper market understanding are the reasons that underline my confidence in Caparo's performance in the next few years.

Manufacturing capacity is one of our greatest assets, and we will continue to invest in it, grow it and reap its rewards for the benefit of our customers, supplier and employees. Caparo's future also lies in diversification into new markets. This is why we are so committed to exploring emerging technologies and investing in new ideas with commercial potential.

Our business environment may change but Caparo's philosophy and values remain unwavering. It is these that make Caparo the business it is today.

Angad Paul

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